11 Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements When You Want Something Unique

11 Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements When You Want Something Unique

There are many unique and beautiful options available for brides and bridal parties in Maui when it comes to wedding flower arrangements. Maui weddings can benefit from the extraordinary collections we offer at Fernhouse Flowers Maui that are perfect for your big day. You can choose from among our collections that feature the rich colors, beautiful blossoms and touch of romance you want for a wedding day that is unforgettable.

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Some ideas for unique wedding flower arrangements include:

1. Beauty and Grace

This bridal theme is timeless and full of class. It includes sweet colors of cream, white, and antique blush.

2. Tropical Romance

If you want a romantic theme for your dream wedding, Tropical Romance has it with peach, blushes, and hints of blue blooms.

3. Modern Sweetheart

This modern wedding collection includes a pleasant combination of rich color and luxe details. This collection is unforgettable with its modern bohemian feel and tropical sunset palette.

4. Sands of Love

This intimate wedding collection features peach, blush, blue, and dark purple for a beautifully moody palette.

5. Love of My Life

For the romantic heart, this arrangement is delightful with its shades of pink and white.

6. Tropical Vibrance

Vibrant and bold tropical flowers in an organic cluster portray the natural beauty of the island of Maui.

7. Dreaming of Paradise

This is a flower arrangement filled with locally foraged greenery combined with rich sunset colors, displaying the exotic and bright ambiance of Maui.

8. Island Eternal

This collection features tropical and chic locally grown blooms in pairs of soft whites, muted pinks, and mauve that say love and romance.

9. Unconditional Love

The lavenders and lush of this wedding flower arrangement are truly bridal with a romantic palette and soft pastel colors.

10. Ocean Song

The sweet combination of ivory flowers and dreamy lavender hues of this collection reflect classical romance.

11. Enchanted

This arrangement includes a combination of protea flowers contrasted with clusters of romantic roses, and ranunculus for a romantic and fresh ambience.

Regardless of the specific flower arrangement you need for your wedding, including wedding bouquets, Maui is home to the flower shop you need, Fernhouse Flowers Maui. Feel free to shop and purchase on our website. For help choosing your wedding flowers, call us today at 808-877-3951 or complete our contact form.

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